Returnee Resident So You Want to Live in JamaicaSo it’s been on your mind for a while now and you want to live in Jamaica. I remember that feeling well. The constant checking of the online Jamaican newspapers, the Jamaican and expat forums during the lunchtime break and when you get home checking online again trying to find all the information you can. I’m sure you’ve been looking at property pages, the job pages, chatting with other like-minded people, going to diaspora meetings and expos and I can tell you it can be exhausting and yet exciting.

You start to visualize yourself living in Jamaica, drifting off and daydreaming no matter where you are. Don’t worry, I’ve been there but there are some things that you have to put into place.

When coming to the decision of leaving all that you know to start a life in another country it can be very daunting but as a returnee resident, you have the benefit and the advantages of having past experiences, the familiarity of language, culture and growing up in the country of your birth, or birth parents in my case. As an expat, you’re more or less winging it.

There are crucial things that you have to consider in making sure that your dream of living in Jamaica is not just a pipe dream.  You will need to figure out

  • What legal documentation you will need to live in Jamaica
  • How to start saving towards your goal
  • Where you plan on living in Jamaica
  • Where you plan on working if not retired, or what you plan on doing
  • The most important from my point of view, HAVING THE RIGHT MINDSET from the very start

Now wouldn’t it be great to have ALL the information in one place? The flitting from one website to the next only to find that the information is outdated or not very in-depth or just plain useless. Well, now you can on the Returnee Resident blog.

Bet you’ve asked family, right? Not very useful was it!  They either put you off, saying, you’re not even retired yet! Have nothing positive to say about the country and ask why would you want to come and live in Jamaica when you’re in ‘farin’ (translation – in a developed foreign country). Well, I had to learn the hard way and that was to make a few trips, scout the place out, phone Jamaican institutions, network and basically learn as I researched.

Want To Live in Jamaica

You may want to take this long convoluted route but why? Tell you what, let me take the struggle out of your research.

With me as your guineapig, you need not go through all that! You will find all the necessary information you need right here. Learn the first steps to take and I’ll make sure to put links to the right documents, companies and businesses of interest to make your move to Jamaica as pain-free as possible.

Just moving all your belongings down the street can be stressful enough much less halfway across the world. Let me teach you how to manoeuvre the obstacles when trying to find the right information when moving to Jamaica.

So have no fear, the Returnee Resident is here! (sounds corny, I know) but I’m really here to help.

To help you get started in your journey in moving to Jamaica you might want to consider 4 Questions To Ask Before Moving To Jamaica.

My aim is to help you reach your goal faster and get you living in the land of wood and water, sweet, sweet Jamaica.

Sweet, sweet Jamaica, nah lef yah!

The Returnee Resident