Returnee Resident Long Distance Jamaican RomanceYes, we’ve read the book, watched the movie and heard of the unfortunate ending to How Stella Got Her Groove Back but does this apply to you?

You’ve been told to beware and be careful of those romantic encounters when on vacation in Jamaica as you might just regret what you find.

Red flag warning signs are blowing in the wind but is what you hear about finding your future husband or wife in Jamaica true? And, can you truly find your ideal partner in Jamaica?

What are the people like?

One of the things about Jamaica is that the people are very friendly, the cool vibes, the laid-back nature are all part of the attraction of the country. The Jamaican men are very quick to throw out compliments to ladies and the same of Jamaican women to men. It’s great, quite refreshing and definitely amusing when you hear some of the things that they say but try not to take it too seriously as they do this with everyone, it’s just in their DNA!

Now one of the things to remember is that if you are single and coming back to an old community you will probably have a rapport with many school friends, college friends or working colleagues from the past. There may be some who have moved on in their life quite successfully and others who have just stood still over the years.

These are the ones you have to watch out for, not in all cases but just as you are aware when starting a relationship where you live now and look out for certain signs you must do the same when you arrive in Jamaica. Don’t let the rum punch and the warm sunny weather dull your ‘spidey’ senses.

What are the Red Flag signs to look out for?

  1. They have no job no matter how small, not even a hustle. The majority of Jamaicans are hard working white and blue collar workers and maual labourers with a side hustle; informal taxidrivers, bus conductors, market traders, farmers, home hairdressers, home-based tailors or dressmakers etc…When I say informal I mean the tax man knows nothing about them.
  2. They do not think long-term. Assess the conversations you have with them do they think of the future or is it just about having fun.
  3. If they have children do they live with them. Do check whether they have ever been in long-term relationships and are fully involved in their children’s lives, rather than the trailer load of baby mammas or baby fathers.
  4. They live informally.  That is, they have no legal documentation in their name such as a passport, driver’s license, bank account or a utility bill. This ties in with long-term thinking.
  5. They have lots of business ideas but no follow through. Think about this red flag carefully. as you may decide to invest in one or more of their business ideas and nothing gets started and your investment goes down the drain.
  6. Who do they hang with? Check out their friends and acquaintances are they progressive or timewasters. Nothing wrong with having a great mixture of friends but what are the majority like? Constantly chillin on the corner, playing dominoes and ludo or hustling, bustling busy go-getters who know how to relax come the weekend?
  7. When do they get in touch with you? If you currently live abroad does your future spouse only contact you when they want or need something? Do they ask you about your day and how you are managing or is it just to tell you about their problems and lack of finances? Do they only ever talk about coming to live where you are in the US/UK or Canada or suggest you come live in Jamaica?
  8. How do they live? Is their only source of income remittances from friends and family?

These are just a few of the red flags to look out for to avoid being one of those sad stories that you may have heard of, you know the ones.

Long Distance Relationship Returnee Resident

The Positives of a Long Distance Jamaican Romance

On a positive note, there are wonderful success stories of beautiful and genuine relationships that flourish with Jamaica as the backdrop. With hardworking dedicated long distance partners working together towards a common goal.

Opportunities are quite hard to come by as a local if you do not have the finances and as a returnee or an expat, you may see opportunities that they might not be aware of.

So for instance, you might meet someone who is a great mechanic but may not have strong administrative or business skills. This might be your forte and both of you can work together to formally set up an auto repair and accessories establishment. Or, if your partner is a great cosmetologist who works from her home why not start a unique and professional looking day spa in your location.

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In this age of technology staying in touch when having a long distance relationship is so much easier but just make sure the relationship is rock solid and not just based on wants or needs. Take your time when looking for the ideal partner, look out for the obvious red flags and you too will find your ideal man or woman on the tropical island of Jamaica.

If you have a positive romantic Jamaican relationship why not share your story by commenting below and if you know someone who has share this post with them.

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